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Seawater Desalination

Countries that border seas or oceans where fresh water is in short supply desalinate sea water to produce fresh water. The energy used during the distilling of sea water is mainly optothermal. Sea water can be desalinated by using the heating and heat reservation properties of heat transfer fluids. SCHULTZ heat transfer fluids have excellent thermal stability, anti-oxidation qualities, and heat transfer efficiency and are ideal for desalination plants.

seawater disalination
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  • SCHULTZ® S750 (hydrogenated terphenyls), the world’s most stable ultra-high-temperature synthetic heat transfer fluid, is utilized in polymerization, polycondensation, polyester, nylon and synthetic fiber processing.

  • SCHULTZ® S720 is a good heat transfer fluid with excellent anti-coking properties. It can meet the requirements of technologies such as high-temperature heating and low-temperature cooling.