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29 Jul SCHULTZ S750 Heat Transfer Fluid

The regulations of energy consumption and waste discharge from oil and chemical industry are stricter than before due to the exact demand of government. According to the development tendency, Schultz has been working on the research and development of high quality synthesis HTF and released the series products. Schultz has become the HTF market representative due to its quality product and management method, which eases the domestic market dependence of imported products.

The hydrogenated terphenyl heat transfer fluid (HTF) is a high temperature synthesis HTF with the fine properties of good thermal stability, antioxidant and low vapour pressure, which guarantees the high temperature liquid phase heating system to run under the condition of safety, economy and long term stability. The hydrogenated terphenyl HTF has become the most widely used high temperature synthesis HTF after the long term tests from various industries all around the world. As our golden brand, SCHULTZ S750 has reached the international standard and already been adopted by the domestic and foreign markets. It is used in various industries including oil, chemical fiber, organosilicon, polysilicon, plastic and petrochemical.

Comparing to the mineral HTF, Schultz® S750 ( hydrogenated terphenyls ) has a better thermal stability, a longer service life and a more renewable property, which makes it gain more and more market shares. The fine thermal stability can make SCHULTZ S750 be operated under the 345℃ in the liquid phase heating system. And its antioxidant is better than the normal HTF due to the antioxidant process done by professional equipments. Moreover, the viscosity is low under the normal temperature, which provides the good pumpability.

With the improvement of environmental protection and energy saving and emission reduction, the development direction of HTF is towards the high temperature resistance, long service life, energy saving, cost reduction, easy operation, safety and non-toxic, tasteless and environmental friendly trend. And Schultz® S750 ( hydrogenated terphenyls ) can satisfy the requests listed above, which is the best choice for the high temperature liquid phase end users.