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29 Sep Schultz HTF Wins the Market with Quality Services

As the national economy develops rapidly, the government is stricter to the environment demands and increases the integration of energy conservation and emission reduction, and it also strongly supports the development of strategic emerging industry. Heat transfer fluid (HTF), the heat transfer medium under the high temperature and normal pressure, has achieved great popularization and application in various kinds of industries. Especially in the process of developing low carbon economy, HTF has made contributions to energy consumption reducing and energy utilization rate increasing.
Schultz Chemical (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. has devoted itself to the long term HTF development and production. And the quality of Schultz HTF series products is greatly beyond the domestic brands reaching the international advanced level. Our products have been approved by many domestic industries and also exported to Europe, USA, Japan and South Korea.
Our service goal is the long period efficient use of HTF and the long term safety of system operation. Our professional technical team provides regular analysis of on line oil and deteriorating detection, helping clients to solve operating problems and offer valuable suggestions. We strive to guarantee the good operation of HTF system for our clients.
We, Schultz, adhere to the idea of quality service and are very strict in our product quality. In order to guarantee the high quality of HTF, we not only exercise strict control over producing but also enhance the quality supervision when the products out of warehouse.
The purpose of HTF hydrogenation is to renew the quality of HTF and decrease the HTF operation costs. For the five-plus years SCHULTZ S750 hydrogenated terphenyl HTF, there are still near 60% of available components in it, which could be refined by hydrogenating under high pressure to renew its quality. The renewed HTF could be mixed with the new S750 hydrogenated terphenyl HTF. But if the used HTF is without high pressure hydrorefining, the inorganic substances and oxides in it will cause rapid deterioration of the new HTF and decrease the life service of HTF.
Besides all the services we provided above, we offer technical support at the first operation for clients. Our experienced technicians will provide rational suggestions at client first operation and adjust the system to the operating temperature and proper operation.