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14 Apr Schultz 360-degree Full Life Cycle Service Gains Customers’ Trust

A big pharma enterprise used mineral oil for its heat transfer fluid system and the system operating temperature is about 300℃. The system mineral oil deteriorated seriously in less than two years with regular operation and became unusable.  The enterprise asked help from Schultz Chemicals. Chemical experts of Schultz said mineral oil has poor thermal stability and deteriorates easily in high temperature of long-term operation.  The mineral oil causes coking and carbon residues on the heating surface of pipeline, which reduces thermal efficiency, increases energy consumption and has potential safety problem.  Solution for mineral oil degradation is to change the fluid. The high temperature synthetic fluid is the best choice for long-term high temperature operation. The pharma enterprise took the advice and replaced its mineral oil with SCHULTZ®S750 (hydrogenated terphenyl) in early 2014. The system was restarted in May, 2014 and then runs well.

We called our customers in October for feedbacks based on our 360-degree full life cycle service model. One of our customers had the expansion tank problem. There’s a sound in expansion tank and the sound became louder and occurred more frequently after the weather got cold. The customer exhausted system gas but it didn’t work.

Schultz experts found the installation of system expansion pipe was improper after technological analysis on the scene. The expansion pipe was about 8 meters and installed on the top of factory in the open air. Its angle of bending is much less than the standard 120°. The system vapor could not be exhausted through expansion pipe due to the improper installation. It vaporized and froze up repeatedly after the weather got cold, making the noise constantly. In addition, the customer supplied fluid and operated system without dehydration, which caused the moisture in system.

The improvement advice given by Schultz Chemicals is to install thermal insulation on the expansion pipe. Schultz experts suggested the customer to improve parts of the pipe and install half of the thermal insulation in consideration of avoiding over temperature of expansion tank. Besides, dehydration and degassingare also suggested by experts. The system recovers and runs well after the customer took advice and improved the system.

The professional technology service of Schultz Chemicals receives the good reputation from customers. Customers said, “Comparing to other fluid suppliers, Schultz Chemicals recovers our systems in very short time based on its 360-degree full life cycle service model, avoiding the worse consequence, which is beyond our expectation. Schultz is a trusted partner who can really help us out.”