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10 Aug Super Heat Transfer Fluid S750

Fluid service life is the most concerned issue you want to know. By analyzing fluid deterioration causes, we can find out overheating is the main problem shortening fluid service life.

What is fluid overheating?

Overheating is that fluid operation temperature or film temperature beyond its maximum temperatures in the process of heating system. Fluid overheating accelerates fluid deterioration, causing system coking and even triggering fire hazard.

How to avoid fluid overheating problem?

If we want to avoid fluid overheating problem, first, we need to know the reasons that cause the issue. Any of these following factors may cause fluid overheating under certain circumstances.

  • Improper system design
  • Unreasonable operating conditions
  • Incorrect fluid choice
  • Not standardized operation

Heat transfer fluid is very sensitive to temperature. Many reasons will cause damage to fluid quality adversely affecting fluid service life and increasing cost. Good choice of high quality fluid is the basis of building a safety operation environment.

Super fluid—SCHULTZ S750

Schultz Chemical focuses on researching, developing and manufacturing high-tech heat transfer fluid. Our products gain domestic and overseas customers trust by high quality and considerate service.
If you are looking for a fluid which can bear the extremely high temperature and have super long service life, our SCHULTZ S750 is your best choice.

SCHULTZ S750 is a high temperature liquid phase heat transfer fluid, which has extraordinary thermal stability and its maximum film temperature is as high as 375℃. Users can expect many years of reliable, trouble-free operation, even when operating continuously at the recommended maximum temperature 345℃.

SCHULTZ S750 provides many years operation and can be regenerated after use, cutting users’ long term cost. It has no corrosion to general industrial applications and systems. SCHULTZ S750 can be mixed with Therminol 66, Therm S 900 and Gilotherm TH. The customer satisfaction of SCHULTZ S750 is comparable with Therminol 66’s.

Our considerate 360 Degree Comprehensive Service Model

Good news! Schultz Chemical provides 360 degree comprehensive service model to our customers. The 360 degree comprehensive service model is the all-dimensional service in whole fluid life cycle, including system design and fluid selection in pre-sales, customized service with self-owned logistics in medium term, and system commission, periodic fluid test and fluid regeneration service in after-sales.

Our commitment is to provide you superior fluid, ensure your system safety and take care of your every system problems.