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Schultz® S718
-22°F – 608°F

SCHULTZ®S718 is a food grade synthetic heat transfer fluid, particularly designed for continuous heating in special environments. It is widely used in the temperature range of -30℃~320℃.

Performance Benefits

Food Grade — SCHULTZ®S718 is odorless and toxic-free and has passed the certification of NSF (National Sanitation Foundation), which is especially suitable for industries requiring small odor and non-toxic, like food processing and pharmaceutical manufacture.

High Reliability — SCHULTZ®S718 provides stable performance under long-last operation of 320℃. It has longer service life than traditional mineral oil. SCHULTZ®S718 is an excellent liquid phase synthetic heat transfer fluid.

Superior Low Temperature Fluidity — SCHULTZ®S7 18 provides high performance in cold areas. It can be both heating and cooling mediums at the same time and has excellent heat transfer property even in -45℃. System filled with SCHULTZ®S7 18 is started up easily in cold areas without heat tracing.

Product Typical Properties

Appearance Clear Colorless liquid
Component Severely Hydro-processed White Mineral Oil
Flash Point (Open Cup)/ °C 172
Flash Point (Close Cup)/ °C  164
Auto Ignition Temperature / °C  330
Freezing Point / °C -55
Density (20°C) (kg/m3)  869
Moisture Content/(mg/kg)  27
Distillation Range: 2% / °C  324
Kinematic Viscosity (mm2 /s) 40°C  15
Kinematic Viscosity (mm2 /s) 100°C  3
Average Molecular Weight  345
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (200℃)/ ℃  0.000893
Pseudocritical Temperature / ℃  545
Pseudocritical Pressure / bar  15
Pseudocritical Density / (kg/m3)  280
Optimum Use Range / ℃  -30~318
Maximum Bulk Temperature / ℃ 320
Maximum Film Temperature / ℃  340

Note: The above data are based upon test samples in laboratory, and not guaranteed for all products.
For full specifications of SCHULTZ® S718, please contact our sales dept.


December 05, 2016

Chemical Industry, Food Processing, Machining and Casting, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Plastic and Rubber Production, Storage and Transportation

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