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Schultz® S715
-103°F – 599°F

SCHULTZ® S715 is an aromatic synthetic heat transfer fluid which can be applied within the temperature range of -75–315°C. It can also be used in the liquid phase and gas phase.

Performance Benefits

Excellent low-temperature properties – it boasts superior heat transfer performance at low temperature. It has the best low-temperature heat transfer coefficient compared with other refrigerating fluids.

Low Viscosity – SCHULTZ S715 boasts low viscosity at very low temperatures and can flow through the pump at very low temperatures.

Vapor/Liquid Use – it can be used in the liquid phase state within the temperature range of -75–315°C and in the vapor phase state at normal pressure when the boiling point is above 181°C.

Product Typical Properties

Appearance Light Yellow Transparent Liquid
Composition Alkyl substituted aromatic
Auto Ignition Temperature °C 429
Flash Point (Closed Cup) °C  57
Flash Point (Open Cup) °C  66
Pour Point °C -75
Density (20°C)(kg/m3)  862
Kinematic Viscosity (40°C)(mm2 /s)  0.81
Moisture Content (mg/kg)  80ppm
Distillation Range 2%
Total Acidity/KOH(mg/g)  0.01
Carbon Residue (Mass Fraction)%  0.004
Optimal Applicable Range °C  -75 ~ 315
Allowable Maximum Film Temperature °C  345



Chemical Industry, Coal Chemical Industry, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Storage and Transportation

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