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Schultz® S700
-13°F – 570°F

SCHULTZ® S700 is a heat transfer fluid with a long life and excellent heat stability characteristics, heat resistance, and oxidation resistance. It also features high cleanness and no carbon deposition, contributing to a clean system. It also has excellent low-temperature viscosity and good low-temperature pumping ability.


Performance Benefits

SCHULTZ® S700 is a synthetic heat transfer fluid that can be stably applied in any liquid-phase heat-transfer field, long term within the temperature range of -25–300°C.

High Stability – SCHULTZ® S700 is a synthetic heat transfer fluid that can be used long term at temperatures below 300°C. It is recognized as an economical liquid-phase synthetic heat transfer fluid with excellent performance.

Antioxygenic Property – The antioxygenic property of SCHULTZ® S700 is higher than that of mineral oil; therefore, it will not easily oxidize or generate sludge. Its high detergent property keeps the system clean and the operation stable and reliable.

Low Flow Point – SCHULTZ® S700 has a low flow point. With excellent low-temperature pumpability and safety properites, it can easily start from cold at low temperatures and is more suitable for operation in cold regions.

Product Typical Properties

Appearance Light yellow transparent liquid
Component Alkyl substituted aromatic
Moisture Content / (mg/kg) 32
Flash Point / °C  190
Auto Ignition Temperature / °C  365
Pour Point / °C -55
Density (20°C) (kg/m3)  870
Total Acidity / KOH (mg/g)  0.01
Carbon Residue %  0.01
Distillation Range 2% / °C  356
Kinematic Viscosity (mm2 /s) 0°C  175
Kinematic Viscosity (mm2 /s) 40°C  20.2
Kinematic Viscosity (mm2 /s) 100°C  3.7
Average Molecular Weight  320
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (200℃) / ℃  0.000961
Pumpability / ℃ 2000 mm2/s  -29
Pumpability / ℃ 300 mm2/s  -8
Pseudocritical Temperature / ℃  512
Pseudocritical Pressure / bar  13
Pseudocritical Density / (kg/m3)  258
Optimal Applicable Temperature Range / ℃  -25-300
Maximum Operation Temperature / ℃  300
Maximum Liquid Film Temperature / ℃  320


Note: The above data are based upon test samples in laboratory, and not guaranteed for all products.
For full specifications of SCHULTZ® S700, please contact our sales dept.

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20 November

Coal Chemical Industry, Food Processing, Machining and Casting, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Storage and Transportation

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