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Schultz® CC-1

The SCHULTZ® CC-1 organic cleaning agent is a low-toxicity non-combustible cleaning agent that can be safely used. A small amount of residual SCHULTZ CC-1 in the system can dissolve in the organic heat carrier. After cleaning, new oil can be injected directly into the system without drying, substantially reducing the idle time.

Performance Features

• Removes pitchy grease, colloid oil dirt, coking materials and carbonized hard scale
• One-off cleaning, quick and easy
• After cleaning, new oil can be injected directly into the system
• No special preventive measures are needed in using and handling the SCHULTZ® CC-1 cleaning agent. Normal use is nontoxic to human body.

Product Typical Properties

Appearance Colorless Clear Liquid
Component Ingredient HC Derivative
Moisture PPM  Less than 200
Viscosity (20°C)(CST)  0.53
Density (20°)(g/cm3)  1.3
Auto Ignition Point °F More than 900


For more data, please refer to SCHULTZ® CC-1’s SDS

Cleaning procedure using SCHULTZ® CC-1

– System discharge

Cool the heating circulation system of the organic heat carrier system to about 194°F. Meanwhile, the gel and coking materials will be fully suspended in the heat carrier. Turn off the power and open the low-level sewage drainage exit to completely discharge the heat carrier, and treat according to the instructions in the heat carrier SDS.

– After natural discharge, it is suggested to blow with nitrogen to discharge more carriers, and repeat the process.

– Cleaning system

Fill the entire system with SCHULTZ® CC-1 cleaning agent, and start up the system circulating pump to circulate continuously for 24 hours. Regularly check the oil return pipe filter to ensure it is not blocked, and monitor and analyze the cleaning fluid to confirm its effective action.

– After cleaning, inject new oil and start up the system.

– Remove the cleaning fluid after cleaning according to the result monitored and analyzed during the cleaning, and completely blow the system with nitrogen. Inject new oil after completing the previous steps and the system is ready for operation.

Chemical Industry, Coal Chemical Industry

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