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Oil and Gas Processing

Due to their unique characteristics of high temperature and low pressure, heat transfer fluids are widely used in the petroleum processing industry, providing precise temperature conditions for oil and gas processing. At the same time, our products can meet the requirements of multiple heat users requiring different operating temperatures. Featuring simpler systems, less floor area, smaller investment, and energy-saving and environmentally-friendly operation, heat transfer fluid heating has been wildly used in the petroleum processing industry.

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  • SCHULTZ® S750 (hydrogenated terphenyls), the world’s most stable ultra-high-temperature synthetic heat transfer fluid, is utilized in polymerization, polycondensation, polyester, nylon and synthetic fiber processing.

  • SCHULTZ® S740 is a vapor/liquid dual-use high-temperature synthetic heat transfer fluid with a high degree of heat stability. It can be applied at very high temperatures.

  • SCHULTZ® S730 has excellent heat stability characteristics and oxidation resistance with a long lifecycle. It prevents corrosion in metal industrial production machinery.

  • SCHULTZ® S720 is a good heat transfer fluid with excellent anti-coking properties. It can meet the requirements of technologies such as high-temperature heating and low-temperature cooling.