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How to Handle Degradation of Heat Transfer Fluids

The distinctive operational nuances and maintenance measures of a thermal fluid based heat transfer system is an art and science to be mastered -- to avoid any system failures, find better efficiency and prevent unforeseen accidents. The heat transfer fluid is considered a hidden asset the...

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Criteria of HTF Maturing and Scraping

Heat transfer fluid (HTF) experiences thermal cracking and polymerization reaction because of high operating temperature during long term operation. Also, when it contacts with air, there will be reaction generating low and high boiling substance, and changes HTF chemical property. The standards for scraping HTF depend...

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Schultz HTF Wins the Market with Quality Services

As the national economy develops rapidly, the government is stricter to the environment demands and increases the integration of energy conservation and emission reduction, and it also strongly supports the development of strategic emerging industry. Heat transfer fluid (HTF), the heat transfer medium under the...

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