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Criteria of HTF Maturing and Scraping

Heat transfer fluid (HTF) experiences thermal cracking and polymerization reaction because of high operating temperature during long term operation. Also, when it contacts with air, there will be reaction generating low and high boiling substance, and changes HTF chemical property. The standards for scraping HTF depend...

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Schultz HTF Wins the Market with Quality Services

As the national economy develops rapidly, the government is stricter to the environment demands and increases the integration of energy conservation and emission reduction, and it also strongly supports the development of strategic emerging industry. Heat transfer fluid (HTF), the heat transfer medium under the...

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SCHULTZ S750 Heat Transfer Fluid

The regulations of energy consumption and waste discharge from oil and chemical industry are stricter than before due to the exact demand of government. According to the development tendency, Schultz has been working on the research and development of high quality synthesis HTF and released...

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The Basic Principle of Choosing Heat Transfer Fluid

1. Determine the heating method,liquid phase or gas phase,according to the required working temperature range and temperature control accuracy,then choose the corresponding heat transfer fluid. 2. According to the maximum working temperature in practical use,choose the type and model of heat transfer fluid.The maximum allowable working temperature...

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Comparison of Two Types of Heat Transfer Systems

There are two types of heat transfer fluid (HTF) systems - opened and closed systems. The opened system is that the expansion slot and exhaust pipes are connected directly to the atmosphere; while for the closed system the expansion slot is shielded from the atmosphere....

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