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Looking for Indian Local Heat Transfer Fluid Distributors

Jiangsu Zhongneng Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is the global 3rd largest and the largest Chinese manufacturer of SCHULTZ ®synthetic heat transfer fluids. The heat transfer fluids (HTFs) produced by us are basically the same as the fluid products in Eastman (Therminol) and Dow (Dowtherm) but with much more competitive prices. Practically...

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Reasons for Heat Transfer Fluid Coking and Precautions

Reasons for Heat Transfer Fluid Coking Big heat flow intensity and low flow velocity will increase fluid film temperature, causing coking. Operation temperature is higher than fluid film temperature will cause fluid degradation and coking. Mixing with materials from system leakage will cause oxidation and...

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Great Performance of SCHULTZ® Heat Transfer Series

Heat transfer fluid has been used in various fields, including petroleum process, chemistry, textile industry, printing and synthetic fiber manufacture, plastic, food making, pharmaceutical, machining and rubber industries, through decades’ development. Heat transfer fluid heating system has following advantages compared with traditional steam heating system: Heat...

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Features of Heat Transfer Fluid Furnace

Heat transfer fluid furnace is the forced circulation heating device in fluid system, which is consisted of combustion apparatus, furnace body and other relative controller, venting device and circulation pump. Fuels of fluid furnace could be coal, heating oil, natural gas and electricity. Heat transfer...

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Significance of Fluid Thermal Stability

Fluid Thermal Stability Thermal stability is an important indicator to value the quality of heat transfer fluid. It means fluid resistance to chemical degradation under high temperature. Thermal cracking and polymerization action will inevitably occur when fluid operation temperature gradually rising, which change the fluid chemical...

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Schultz Specialist: How to Analyze Fluid Quality

The Importance of Fluid Quality Heat transfer fluid has advantages of high temperature operation with low pressure and accurate control of temperature, widely used in many industries like chemistry, fiber, oil, pharmacy and food making. How to analyze the quality of fluid is crucial to customers....

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Super Heat Transfer Fluid S750

Fluid service life is the most concerned issue you want to know. By analyzing fluid deterioration causes, we can find out overheating is the main problem shortening fluid service life. What is fluid overheating? Overheating is that fluid operation temperature or film temperature beyond its maximum temperatures...

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