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Alternative Energy

Combining world-leading high temperature heat transfer fluid technology and production capacity as well as the most prominent supply chain capacity of the industry, SCHULTZ provides the heat transfer fluids needed by concentrating solar power (CPS). Our high-quality heat transfer fluids are also essential during the production of biodiesel. In thermal power generation, heat transfer fluids, with their superior heat transfer and thermal storage performance, play an important role in guaranteeing long-term stable power generation in solar-thermal power plants. It is wildly used in parabolic troughs solar-thermal power generation. In addition, Schultz heat transfer fluids are used in solar industrial heat supply applications where heat transfer fluids are used directly in industrial production. Biofuels include mainly ethanol, biodiesel and other liquid or gaseous fuels synthesized from biomass. During the process of production and refining, these biofuels need stable and reliable heating systems and precise temperature control. The excellent stable qualities of SCHULTZ heat transfer fluids ensure the high quality of the biofuel produced.

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  • SCHULTZ® S750 (hydrogenated terphenyls), the world’s most stable ultra-high-temperature synthetic heat transfer fluid, is utilized in polymerization, polycondensation, polyester, nylon and synthetic fiber processing.

  • SCHULTZ® S740 is a vapor/liquid dual-use high-temperature synthetic heat transfer fluid with a high degree of heat stability. It can be applied at very high temperatures.

  • SCHULTZ® S730 has excellent heat stability characteristics and oxidation resistance with a long lifecycle. It prevents corrosion in metal industrial production machinery.