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28 Aug Innovation of 360° Comprehensive Service Model —Schultz Establishes “the First Brand” of Heat Transfer Fluid

As a vertical integration company of heat transfer fluid, Schultz provides top-level products with the aim of customer-oriented and commits ourselves to satisfying all customers’ requirements. We pioneer the 360 degree comprehensive service model to customers based on our experienced technical team, which brings customers the greatest satisfaction and joyful experience.

What is 360° comprehensive service model?

Our 360 degree comprehensive service model means service with all-dimension, whole service life and complete period. We provide customers with system design and fluid selection at early stage, and customized service with self-owned logistics in medium term, and system commission, periodic fluid test and fluid regeneration service in later period. We are committed to offering customers premium service with our whole hearts. Customer requirement is our starting point which encourages us to build the first-class expertise service team. We provide service 24 hours a day.

What does 360° comprehensive service model bring to you?

Our 360 degree comprehensive service model provides total solution and care for your system and fluid. Specific service runs through pre-sales, medium sales and after-sales.

Pre-sales service

Technical consulting and service: We provide customers with free technical consultation of fluid system scheme, design and installation. Our technical team visits customer on site and introduces performances, specialties, limitations and special requirements of different fluids, which help customer select economic and suitable fluid.

Medium sales service

Customized logistic service: We have safe inventory and own professional logistic company, which provides products based on customer production schedule. We have two kinds of transportation: tank truck and steel drum. Customer can order products according to self conditions. Our transportation team is equipped with thermal insulation device and unloading pump, guaranteeing transportation safety and unloading efficiency in northern winter.

After-sales service

Training and adjustment: We provide staff training project and technical support of system commission and daily management.
Free fluid test: Sample and test customer’s in-used fluid for every half year. Give rational suggestion based on test results.
Periodic diagnose: We track our products and visit our customers to give fluid periodic diagnose. Collect relevant information and build files for customer inquiry.
Accident analysisand process: We give customer feedback in 4 hours after receiving problem report. Our technical team will arrive at site in required time range and assist to solve problem if customer needs onsite service.
Fluid regeneration: We provide hydrogenation service to regenerate used fluid and replenish fresh fluid for customer in time by our own logistics, increasing customer production efficiency.

Our 360 degree comprehensive service model is a strong service assurance system, providing dedicated and perfect service for you. As assisting you to achieve your business goal, SCHULTZ® will be your reliable business partner.