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Main raw materials of high boiling point solvent and tetralone
Chemical Structure M-Terphenyl

Product Properties Applications

Electron chemistry: Derivatives of M–Terphenyl are of favorable electron attraction and extremely low energy level of HOMO; therefore, they can easily block electron holes and are a good electron transport material.

Product Properties Characteristics

Product Name M-Terphenyl
CAS No. 92-06-8
Molecular Formula C18H14
Molecular Weight 230.3
Appearance White Crystal
Origin Schultz Zhongneng Chemicals
Package Paper, Plastic Bag


Product Specifications

Value Unit
Apperance White Crystal
Color <20 Hazen
Purity (GC) >99.9 %


Physical Characteristics

Molecular Weight 230.3
Density (93℃) 1039 kg/m3
Flash Point 206
Melting Point 87.5
Boiling Point 365
Viscosity (100℃) 3.87 mPa·s
Solubility Parameters (25℃) 19.147 (J/cm3)0.5
Heat of Melting 73.7 kJ/kg
Heat of Evaporation 279 kJ/kg
Pressure of Evaporation (93℃) 0.00165 kpa