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High Purity, low sulfur, low PCB's
Chemical Structure of Diphenyl

Product Properties Applications

Organic synthesis: 4,4′- bischloromethyl diphenyl produced with diphenyl as the basic raw material is an important intermediate for synthesizing high-end fluorescent whitening agents of the totuylene diphenyl type.

Pharmaceutical intermediate: high-purity diphenyl is an important raw material for synthesizing pharmaceutical intermediates, 4,4′- -Bis(hydrox-ymethyl) diphenyl, diphenyl acetic acid, Flurbiprofen, and bifonazole.

Heat carrier: due to its high heat stability, diphenyl is an important raw material for producing SCHULTZ S740 (Biphenyl and diphenyl oxide) and SCHULTZ S730 (isopropyl diphenyl) heat transfer fluids.

LCD electronics: high-purity diphenyl is an important raw material used for preparing electrolyte, as well as for producing LCD intermediate 4- hydroxy -4’cyano diphenyl.

Product Properties Characteristics

Product Name Diphenyl
CAS No. 92-54-4
Molecular Formula C12H10
Molecular Weight 154.2
Appearance White Crystal
Origin Schultz Zhongneng Chemicals
Package Paper, Plastic Bag or ISO Tank


Product Specifications

Value Unit
Apperance White Crystal
Color <20 Hazen
Purity (GC) >99.9 %
Sulfur Content <3 mg/kg
Chlorine Content <3 mg/kg


Physical Characteristics

Molecular Weight 154.21
Relative Density (20/4℃) 1.041
Flash Point 113
Crystallization Point 69
Viscosity (100℃) 0.98 mm2/s
Solubility Parameters (25℃) 19.383 (J/cm3)0.5
Heat of Evaporation (200℃) 343
Heat of Fusion (70.5℃) 18.59
Refractive Index (nD77) 1.588