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Diphenyl Oxide

Diphenyl Oxide

High polymer material intermediate with high purity
Chemical Structure Diphenyl Ether

Product Properties Applications

Fine chemical engineering: diphenyl oxide is called crystal geranium oil or artificial geranium oil in the perfume industry. Due to the alkaline stability of geranium oil, it is usually used for preparing essences for soaps. It is also used as a substitute of geranium oil for preparing fragrant cosmetics and deodorants.

Organic synthesis: as an intermediate of organic synthesis, it is used for the perfume industry, in synthetic resin production, and other organic synthetic products.

Product Properties Characteristics

Product Name Diphenyl Oxide
CAS No. 101-84-8
Molecular Formula C6H5OC6H5
Molecular Weight 170.21
Appearance Colorless or Light Yellow Transparent Liquid
Origin Schultz Zhongneng Chemicals
Package Steel Barrel or ISO Tank


Product Specifications

Value Unit
Apperance Colorless or Light Yellow Transparent Liquid
Color <20 Hazen
Purity (GC) >99.8 %
Phenol Content <0.005 %
Chlorine Content <10 ng/μL
Sulfur Content <5 ng/μL


Physical Characteristics

Molecular Weight 170.21
Relative Density (20/4℃) 1.0748
Flash Point 111
Melting Point 27
Boiling Point 257.9
Viscosity (25℃) 3.864 mPa·s
Solubility Parameters (25℃) 18.774 (J/cm3)0.5
Pressure of Evaporation (20℃) <1 mmHg