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14 Aug Drive the Technology Innovation of Heat Transfer Fluid Introduction of SCHULTZ® Series

Schultz Chemistry is a specialized company in developing, manufacturing, selling and providing after-sale service of synthesis fluid and cleaning agent. Schultz is one of the three largest high temperature fluid vertical integration companies and its headquarter is in Vancouver, Canada. Based on industrial upgrading and energy saving implementation in China, the domestic market demand is constantly increasing. Considering the situation, Schultz has founded Schultz Asia-Pacific (Hongkong) Chemistry Co. Ltd, Schultz Asia-Pacific (Shanghai) Chemistry Co. Ltd and Zhongneng Chemistry in China. Schultz is committed to providing customers the reliable and affordable products.

Self-innovation is the eternal pursuit of our company. Schultz has founded research center and manufacturing base in Chinese Mainland and employed a bunch of high qualified professionals. We adopt the advanced technology and premium raw materials with strong technique, manufacture and management to promote our product quality. Schultz has already developed 7 different types high temperature synthesis fluids and a cleaning agent. The operation temperature range of SCHULTZ® series is from -75℃ to 400℃, which covers different demand in various industries and performs excellently even in harsh conditions. The temperature range of SCHULTZ® series is shown below:

Introduction of SCHULTZ® Series

The high temperature synthesis fluids of Schultz series include S700, S715, S720, S730, S740, S750 and S760. All products are manufactured with premium materials and advanced techniques to guarantee product high quality. Our series possess the properties of excellent thermal stability, good thermal efficiency and long service life under high temperature operation.

Typical data of SCHULTZ® series is should below:

Name Temperature Range Thermal Conductivity Specific Heat Vapor Pressure Viscosity Density Pour Point Flash Point Spontaneous Ignition Point
单位 Units °C W/m·k kJ/kg·k kPa mm2/s kg/m3 °C °C °C
-25 – 300 0.0956 2.90 34.9 0.50 671 -55 190 365
-75 – 315 0.0648 3.01 1565 0.19 559 -75b 59 429
 -5 – 320 0.0950 3.83 55.6 0.59 712 – 24 179 333
-20 – 330 0.0891 2.59 95.3 0.27 700 – 40 165 417
 12 – 400 0.0756 2.63 1086 0.21 694 12a 118 600
-7 – 345 0.0927 2.78 75.9  0.43 770 – 24 181 374
-20 – 350 0.0890 2.60 96.0 0.39 785 -30 192 390

Note: a is crystallization point and b is freezing point

Maximum operating temperature.

S700 is an economical synthesis fluid with excellent property. Its operation temperature is about -25-300℃ and its component is heavy alkyl benzene, possessing the property of low viscosity and low density. Its pour point is lower than -55℃, which has the good pumpability in low temperature. It can be reliably used for a long time even in -20℃ working condition, making it to be the ideal fluid in cold northern area. S700 has high cost performance and is the first choice for customers whose operation temperature is lower than 300℃.

SCHULTZ®S715 cooling/heating fluid

As an ideal cooling/heating synthesis fluid, S715 can be used in both gas and liquid phases. S715 can be adopted in -75 ℃~315 ℃ cooling/heating system in its liquid phase. It has the best heat transfer coefficient among all the cooling mediums. S715 can effectively transfer heat under -70℃ with low viscosity which can be delivered by centrifugal pump. S715 gas phase is used in 181℃~315℃ heating systems, which can meet demand of precise temperature control.

Performance of SCHULTZ®S720

S720 is a high temperature synthesis fluid with low vapor pressure, which covers the demand of liquid phase fluid systems with both low and ordinary pressures. It is testified through strict thermal stability test that S720 can be used for a long time among the temperature range of -5℃~320℃. It is difficult to generating oxidation sludge even after the long term high temperature usage due to its strong oxidation resistance, which helps keep system clean. So S720 is widely used in chemical fiber, chemical engineering, plastic, food industry and pharmacy.

SCHULTZ®S730 high quality fluid

The temperature range of S730 is about -20-330℃ and its chemical component is isopropyl diphenyl mixture. Due to its high purity of chemical component, S730 can bear 330℃. It also has the property of high security based on its lower vapor pressure and higher spontaneous ignition point. S730 can provide long term reliable and trouble free operation even if it is continuously operated under 330℃.

Properties of SHULTZ®S740

S740 is biphenyl/diphenyl oxide mixture fluid, which has excellent thermal stability. Its maximum operation temperature is 400℃ and can be used as gas/liquid phase fluid. S740 can provide long term reliable operation under the temperature range of 12℃~400℃. It can be used as gas phase fluid between 257℃ and 400℃ due to its evaporation-condensation property, which covers the demand of accurate temperature control. So it is widely used in chemical fiber and chemical industry. Because of its high temperature range, S740 is also used in solar thermal electric technology. Its purity is as high as 99.99% which is beyond the international solar power generation standard of 99.9%. Its sulfur and chlorinity are lower than 5ppm which is less than international standard of 10ppm. The high quality of S740 can improve thermal storage and heat transfer and extend system service life in solar thermal power generation industry.

SCHULTZ®S750 the almost perfect liquid phase fluid

The basis of S750 is hydrogenated terphenyl and can be operated between -7℃and 345℃ in long term. Its properties include high thermal stability, low vapor pressure, non-corrosiveness, non-toxic and environment friendly. S750 has extremely long service life as its degradation products are low molecular weight materials which are difficult to generate polymers. S750 is the most widely used high temperature synthesis liquid phase fluid in the world based on its premium properties and is used in chemical fiber, chemical industry, plastic and oil industry. Zhongneng Chemistry Co. Ltd, founded by Schultz Chemistry and located in Lianyungang, is the biggest hydrogenated terphenyl production base, which guarantees the high quality of S750 by using self-supporting raw materials.

SCHULTZ®S760 the ideal high temperature fluid

The maximum operation temperature of S760 is as high as 350℃. The high temperature synthesis liquid phase fluid can be stably used in the range of -20℃~350℃. S760 has good low temperature performance which is easily to cold boot in low temperature, making it suitable in cold area. Its premium properties include low viscosity, low pour point, high spontaneous ignition point and less tendency of carbon deposit, which makes it to be widely used in oil and gas transportation, biodiesel, plastic and chemical industry.

The advantages of SCHULTZ®

We are not only providing high quality products with competitive prices, but also offering comprehensive service by professional technical team. We will satisfy all your rational needs and assist you to achieve your business goal. We will be your reliable business partner.

As you purchase our SCHULTZ® series fluids, we will cover all your potential issues by our professional team.

SCHULTZ® series fluids are rapidly gaining its influence along with the international market expansion. Our prospect is quality, safety and environmental sustainability. Based on our extensive series, you can easily find a suitable fluid for your system.