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Coal Chemical Industry

Technologies in the coal chemical industry such as tar fractionation, benzol hydrogenation, anthraquinone production, device reaction and distillation, and rectification devices have a relatively high requirement for temperature regulation. Because heat transfer fluids are characterized by low operating pressure, high thermal efficiency, even and stable heating, and a wide range of temperature control, these precise technological requirements can be met completely. Meanwhile, the waste heat can be recycled to save energy, reduce pollution, and reduce production cost.

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  • SCHULTZ® S750 (hydrogenated terphenyls), the world’s most stable ultra-high-temperature synthetic heat transfer fluid, is utilized in polymerization, polycondensation, polyester, nylon and synthetic fiber processing.

  • SCHULTZ® S740 is a vapor/liquid dual-use high-temperature synthetic heat transfer fluid with a high degree of heat stability. It can be applied at very high temperatures.

  • SCHULTZ® S730 has excellent heat stability characteristics and oxidation resistance with a long lifecycle. It prevents corrosion in metal industrial production machinery.

  • SCHULTZ® S720 is a good heat transfer fluid with excellent anti-coking properties. It can meet the requirements of technologies such as high-temperature heating and low-temperature cooling.

  • Superior heat transfer performance at low temperature

  • SCHULTZ® S700 is a product of synthetic heat transfer fluid, which can be used as any liquid heat exchangers in the temperature range of -25℃ ~ 300℃ with a long and stable fluid life.

  • The SCHULTZ® CC-1 organic cleaning agent is a low-toxicity non-combustible cleaning agent that can be safely used.