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The Importance of Fluid System Periodic Exhaust

Thermal cracking occurs inevitably when heat transfer fluid is heated in system. Oxidation happens when fluid contacts with air. These reactions will change the fluid structure and generate high and low molecular substances called low boilers. Accumulation of low boilers adversely affects the system safety...

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Schultz Chem Attends CPHI India 2017 in Bombay

The CPHI India 2017 was grandly held in Bombay Exhibition Centre on 28th, Nov. 2017. Schultz Chem attends this international fair and the booth number is Hall 3, Y12-2. Schultz Chem presents two sub-brands of DYNOVA ® functional chemicals and SCHULTZ® heat transfer fluids with nearly...

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Importance of Periodic Testing of Heat Transfer Fluid

Periodic Testing Heat transfer fluid is the well-performed heat transfer medium playing important role in many industrial manufactures. However, many users are lack of specialized knowledge and operate system improperly, which speeds up fluid deterioration and shortens fluid service life, increasing production costs. Periodic testing of...

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Reasons for Heat Transfer Fluid Coking and Precautions

Reasons for Heat Transfer Fluid Coking Big heat flow intensity and low flow velocity will increase fluid film temperature, causing coking. Operation temperature is higher than fluid film temperature will cause fluid degradation and coking. Mixing with materials from system leakage will cause oxidation and...

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Great Performance of SCHULTZ® Heat Transfer Series

Heat transfer fluid has been used in various fields, including petroleum process, chemistry, textile industry, printing and synthetic fiber manufacture, plastic, food making, pharmaceutical, machining and rubber industries, through decades’ development. Heat transfer fluid heating system has following advantages compared with traditional steam heating system: Heat...

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Features of Heat Transfer Fluid Furnace

Heat transfer fluid furnace is the forced circulation heating device in fluid system, which is consisted of combustion apparatus, furnace body and other relative controller, venting device and circulation pump. Fuels of fluid furnace could be coal, heating oil, natural gas and electricity. Heat transfer...

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Schultz Specialist: How to Analyze Fluid Quality

The Importance of Fluid Quality Heat transfer fluid has advantages of high temperature operation with low pressure and accurate control of temperature, widely used in many industries like chemistry, fiber, oil, pharmacy and food making. How to analyze the quality of fluid is crucial to customers....

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Features of Gas and Liquid Phase HTF Systems

There are two kinds of heat transfer liquid (HTF) -- gas phase HTF and liquid phase HTF. Which one to choose under specific situations? What are the features of gas phase and liquid phase HTF systems? Schultz will introduce to you in detail. HTF, as heat...

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